Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Final Pics of Disney

Sorry for so many Disney posts, but I had a very hard time picking only 5 pics. Magic Kingdom was decorated for Halloween, so cute.
Main Street and me being silly

One of my old favorites

Maddie was dying to see the princesses the whole week. We never met them, b/c the line was an hour and a half. Well, on the last day we happened upon Belle and the Beast before a long line formed. Maddie asked her where her yellow dress was. It was so funny. Belle said she thought that was a little formal for a stroll in the park. They are all very in character :)

The last hour before we left for the airport. We were exhausted. Need I say more ? :)

Animal Kingdom

This was a great park too. Great shows, animal exhibits, decor, and a great roller coaster.

The Tree of Life

Mickey during the parade
Enjoying the parade



Epcot is such a cool place. It's really two parks in one, Future World and World Showcase, which has replicas of different countries around the world. We at in Germany one day and Morocco, which was amazing. Germany

The British Pub



Sea World

We loved Sea World. It was a nice little break from the Disney crowds and action, but still a super nice park. The shows were awesome. I only got pics of the Shamu Believe show, but there were other good ones too.

After too much fun!! Poor neck!

More Disney

I absolutely can not do spinning things. I love the rollercoasters, but no teacups for me. My mom however, and Maddie love to spin!
Maddie wasn't so sure about that crazy Mad Hatter. No hugs for him :(

Grammie and her girl.

Disney World Part 1

My parents love to take family vacations, and they are so gracious to want to take us with them! My dad has wanted to take Maddie to Disney World since he heard I was pregnant. So this summer he told me to start planning for October. We left Anna Kate with Tim's parents as she would have been miserable and so would we have ;) After we got there and saw all the families with kids her age, we were very glad we decided to leave her, even though we missed her.
We had seven days full of theme parks, which was exhausting, but soooo much fun. Maddie did so well for only having one nap that whole week. It was such a great trip. I can't wait to go back !!

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios at night. Their Fantasmic show was my favorite attraction of the whole trip. Definately a must see if you go!

Align Center

Our Character breakfast was so good at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian. We saw Pooh, Tigger, Mary Poppins, Alice, and the Mad Hatter, who was hilarious! I thought this was too cute of my mom.

Maddie and one of her favorites!Minnie Mouse's House-I just love all of the detail Disney puts into every little thing. It's really pretty amazing.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sweet Friendship

One of the greatest blessings in this life I think is to have good friends. I've been blessed in my short life to have had several very meaningful friendships which have made me who I am. There are some that come and go, some that are meant for only a season of life, and then there are those friends that just somehow defy the odds. They are the ones who get into your life and somehow just stick. They understand you and listen even when they don't. They laugh at and with you, cry for and with you, and just generally live life with you. They are there through thick and thin to be very cliche. Well, one of my very dearest friends in the world is going through a very difficult time. She is likely being diagnosed with a serious illness, probably cancer. While we don't know anything yet as to the definite diagnosis, I think everyone is scared. I know God is good, and that He is the Great Healer, but it sure hurts to see those you love so much hurting.

I write this entry for two reasons. As a tribute to my sweet sweet friend, and as a request for prayer from anyone who might read this. Please pray for Emily and her husband and two little daughters.

This is a pretty old picture, and she probably won't like me posting it, but maybe she'll forgive me. I love you Emily!"Claire-Claire" and Maddie just before they were two and Claire moved to Oregon. April 2006

Claire and Emily after Claire and Maddie got their first haircuts together. This was in March 2006. Wow, time flies!